Friday, May 7, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

American Kestrel eating a moth
on the right field foul pole at Target Field
(from Fox Sports North video)
I love Minnesota Twins baseball, and I love watching birds. Well, last night the two came together and I enjoyed both at the same time. From time to time throughout the game, the Twins' announcers, Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven, commented about an American Kestrel that was perched on the right field foul pole. The camera operators showed the bird to the TV audience several times. Finally, late in the game we saw the kestrel actually catch a moth in mid-air and then eat it while perched on the foul pole. The Twins lost 2-0, so that little falcon was really the star of the game! I am planning a trek to Target Field later this summer. I sure hope I get to see that kestrel!


  1. I came here after googling "bird at Target field" because I was at that game last night and wanted to see if there were better pictures available than what I was able to take myself. The kestrel really was the star of the show. The crowd cheered every time the bird swooped off the foul pole. Awesome pictures!

  2. Was at the game too! The Baltimore Orioles played a good game - but the American Kestrel had better hits.

  3. I loved seeing this kestrel. One announcer kept saying that the bird must want to eat popcorn so that's why he was hanging around the baseball park. Please! I was glad the videographer was able to get the shots of the kestrel catching and eating the moth. So much for popcorn!
    Mary Joan Meagher

  4. Is it possible there may be more Kestrels in the area are they family oriented and do they ear baseball food : Hotdogs and such? I think that is great to have beautiful creature Like this. He has Free Season Tickets David Roberts Northfield Mn

  5. He's got the best seat in the house!

  6. ("bird at Target field" The kestrel really was the star of the show....)
    love to see more of "kirby the Kestrel"
    any season ticket owners out there?
    keep us posted please............