Thursday , May 25 2017
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Pendant Light Shades for Increased Decor of Your Interior

Once when electric bulbs were first introduced, shades were meant to protect the bulb from hits and scratches. This was the main purpose but there meant to be other benefits, too like focusing light on a specific area and saving it from stranding to larger areas where it was not needed. Mostly, the shades are fixed on pendant lights in balcony, gardens and terraces but now since the concept of pendant lights have been introduced, shades have taken a new turn in home designing and decorating. Pendant light shades these days come in a number of different colors, styles and sizes. You can hang pendant lights anywhere inside your house and enjoy the personalized look of the lights.

Glass shades are for pure decoration purpose. The shimmer of the glass surrounding the bulb augments the light and makes the room brighter.  Metal shades in catchy colors make your interior lively all over the day and night. Whether the bulb is lighting or not the metal shade with its appealing modern color keeps your room well-accentuated.

The best thing about these shades is that you remove them and wash them clean if some particles of dust settle on them. Replacing them for a bright pleasant change n your interior is another option that you have at hand. To increase the brightness in the living room, for example, fix glass shades on your pendant lights. To keep the light focused on your kitchen island, fix a narrow circle shade on your pendant light. With modern innovative designs of pendant light shades your home looks vibrant!

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