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Upholstered Headboards for Warm and Elegant Interior

Upholstered headboards are the best idea to bring elegant vibes in your bedroom. You can consider it an affordable way to evolve your bedroom into a more mature and warm place. Market is buzzing with styles and fabric options. You can have it ready to fix or make it yourself at home. But choose from the many designs one that suits your bed and rooms overall décor.

A freestanding headboard can be fixed with any bed or the wall behind the bed or just left standing between the wall and the bed. Its advantage is that it can easily be moved from its place for any purpose like relocating or painting your room.  Another option is called fixed. This has to be fixed to the wall. Though, this design looks stylish but it cannot be removed from its place temporarily.

A Wood-Framed upholstered headboard does not have all of its wood covered with the fabric but its frame is fixed above the fabric from the edges giving it a lovely rim all around.  If you have a unique style fabric with prints or images of dragons or trees, choose a straight headboard. It makes the room look clean and tidy with its straight line figure.

For more decorative purpose you can have wingback upholstered headboard. It protects your head from the wind coming from sides and serves the purpose of decoration also. Grommet or button tufted upholstered headboards look sophisticated. They are very popular these days and most of the homeowners prefer them on plain upholstered headboards.

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